Weever Fish awareness

It is close to that time of year when the issue of weever fish rears its head – or rather their spines. There is quite a bit of good information out in the ether, https://www.wildlifetrusts.org/wildlife-explorer/marine/fish-including-sharks-skates-and-rays/lesser-weever-fish gives you a good understanding of what they are and when they appear. Wear beach shoes, if you don’t have these then a pair of flip-flops will work although they are awkward walking in the water, you can wade in, take them off, pop them up the back of your cossie (or in your tow-float) and hey presto! BUT remember to put them back on when you exit the water. And remember, weever fish can survive in wet sand so may be further uo the beach than you think. As ever – take care 🙂

  • They appear from about June to October.
  • They can withstand quite a time out of the water so can be close to the high tide mark.
  • The stings are painful but not considered dangerous
  • Shuffle your feet around as you enter the water to scare them off
  • OR wear beach shoes and either pop them up the back of your swimsuit once in the water or use a tow float and put them in there.
  • If the beach is busy, watch to see if there is anyone hopping around in pain and avoid that area!
  • If stung, use the hottest water you can find and immerse the area. (A swimming hat and a flask of tea will work!)
  • The pain can be intense but shouldn’t last long (15 minutes to a couple of hours – depends on the individual.)
  • https://www.padstowsealifesafaris.co.uk/blog/weever-fish-stings/

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