We try and ensure that all of our products are good quality, robust and environmentally friendly. Please also note that if you would like to buy an item, we would encourage you to contact us and pay directly rather than use PayPal to increase the amount we can put back into helping more people. It’s only small but it all helps.

T-Shirts & Beanie Hat

Not the best photos at the moment, the ‘puckering’ disappears after a wash and the woven badge and embroidery don’t wear off. Options for including P&P or not if you live locally.

Tee shirt colour and P&P options
Beanie P&P option

Hoodies & Fleeces

Standard over the head hoody, zipped hoody and fleece options, either including postage and package or, for those lucky enough to live locally, without. We opted for woven badges and embroidery as it lasts longer and looks pretty good!

Hoody Colour and P&P options
Zipped hoody – Colour and P&P options
Fleece Colour and P&P options

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