The Swim the Wight Team

Swim the Wight is a Community Interest Company based on the Isle of Wight, UK. Our aim is to make sea swimming as accessible and safe as possible through education and running supervised and risk assessed, regular swims, year-round.

The Swim The Wight Team

Victoria Thorneton-Field – STA Qualified Level 2 Open Water Swimming Coach and SLS Tube Rescuer, oceanographer, passionate advocate for mental health and sea swimming. I have loved and had an affinity with the sea all my life. I am a founder of Swim The Wight and a huge advocate of the benefits of open water swimming. Read more

Rob Jubb Qualified beach lifeguard and cross Channel relay swimmer, Rob only took up sea swimming during the pandemic. As head of Health, Safety & Security at St Mary’s Hospital on the island, the enormity of his job was thankfully tempered by his new found love of open water swimming. He was also one of the people responsible for bringing the Wave Project to the island. Read more about their Cross-Channel story.

Katie Jubb – Also a qualified beach lifeguard and cross Channel relay swimmer. Katie is a Mental Health Midwife at St Mary’s Hospital. It was Katie’s passion for year-round sea swimming that led to Rob ‘taking the plunge.’ Through Katie’s work, she is certainly aware of the benefits of the sea for both physical and mental health benefits and it was because of Katie that she and Rob embarked on their incredible challenge Cross-Channel story.

Sue Barker – has an incredibly eclectic background, from reporter and broadcaster to farmer and…now…sea swimmer. Sue is also the project lead on our Accessible Sea Pool campaign. A real tour-de-force, Sue lives life at 100mph!

Jo Rogers Welfare Officer – I joined Swim the Wight in May 2021 and have been hooked on sea swimming ever since! I love the sea in all weathers, it can calm your mind, invigorate you, leaving you feeling on top if the world! Through this group I have the most amazing, supportive group of people around me. 

Swim The Wight wants to ensure that all of our lovely swimmers, bobbers dippers are tickety-boo, so if we don’t sea you for a while, the lovely Jo may be in touch with a cheery message!

Our Patrons:

Keri-anne Payne: among her achievements are two-time 10-kilometre open water world championship gold medals, and an Olympic silver medallist, Keri-anne is an inspiration and since her retirement from competitive swimming she has never been so busy including agreeing to become our patron!

Dr Heather Massey: definitely a person who works and plays with cold water, Heather has swum the channel and completed a round the Isle of Wight relay swim – who better to help and advise Swim The Wight. For more…

We are also very fortunate to be supported by:

Outdoor Swimming Magazine
Simon Griffiths founded this terrific magazine in 2011 and it has gone from strength to strength! Simon and his team are incredibly supportive of what we are trying to do.
The Swimming Teachers Association is the organisation through which we trained to become Open Water Swimming coaches with Keri-anne Payne
Wight Aid
A local charity, Wight Aid recognise the unique experience of living on the Isle of Wight and endeavour to help, promote and advise us to reach our goals.
Energise Me
Energise Me is helping us to play our part in Creating happier, healthier and stronger communities
National Lottery Fund

Company number 13085742

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