Welcome to Swim The Wight CIC

Swim The Wight is a social enterprise run by three STA Qualified Open Water Swimming Coaches on the Isle of Wight. We aim to make sea swimming on the Isle of Wight as safe and accessible to as many people as possible. We want to inspire and enthuse people to make the most of their surroundings and encourage an active lifestyle and a connection to their community.

We run a number of regular sessions every week for subscribers, please email contact@swimthewight.org.uk for further details. Please also be aware that we are a social enterprise and if you are unable to contribute, you are still welcome to join us!

If you are visiting the Isle of Wight and would like to join one of our regular, supervised and risk-assessed sessions, we ask that you complete a Health Questionnaire and contribute £7 by following the link below:

We offer:

Acclimatisation sessions & Introduction to Sea Swimming

Regular Sessions

Personal or group coaching

Sea Cafes

Event Preparation – coming soon
Cross Channel Qualification Swims – coming soon
We also organise events and collaborate with other organisations to create a wider offer