Swimmers / Surfers Ear

Swimmers / Surfers Ear

As the weather and sea warm, many of us feel the need to spend longer in the water than in the midst of a cold February day. For those of us who swim and immerse our heads into the water there is a risk to develop swimmers and / or surfers ear. After trying a number of brands we are happy to recommend these for quality, durability, ease of use and the fact that they are tethered to the swimmer.

Swimmers / surfers ear are different, go to the Swimears website for a good explanation of these conditions (https://swimears.com/pages/swimmers-ear) They might not be the cheapest but these certainly come under the adage of ‘you get what you pay for.’

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  • ps the Surfers Ear was interesting – I wonder if it is reliable in open water? Every time I look at the Swimthewight site I would like to join. Having done years of sea swimming including ” Solent to IOW” and Hurst Castle to Colwell and X Channel Relay plus lots of other lake and sea swims IN THE PAST!!!!! And was swimming teacher and Lifesaving etc. I dont want to spoil the memories by recommencing and finding I am not up to it now at 73! Also it would be great if I could just get the bus to the venue – I like to be independant (husband always up for taking me, and I am a driver but prefer not to drive. Car share would probably be good. Am I just looking at excuses!! Need to get the impetus and get up and go. (Already attend other interests – but would love to get back to my swimming – always been in my life before from the 60s……just need that “I can still do it”!!!!

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