Swim The Wight is a social enterprise on the Isle of Wight who aim to make swimming in the seas around the Isle of Wight as accessible, safe and enjoyable as possible. We swim year round, several times a week, with regular, supervised sessions, whether you swim, dip, or bob.

We see an island where anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of ‘blue health’ is able to do so and like to promote a happy island!

Led by sea swimmers, for sea swimmers, we swim in all weathers and at different locations, as long as it is judged safe to do so on the day. To join us, either contact us directly (see form below) or pop along to one of the sessions in the events page.

We are also a NOWCA affiliated venue. Booking is available via their website https://nowca.org

If you fancy making a small donation, please visit Buy Me A Coffee so we can help even more people!

We offer acclimatisation sessions and introduction to sea swimming, regular sea swim sessions, personal or group coaching, cross-channel certification and more.

We provide expertise, enthusiasm, fun and support to everyone and anyone who wants to try out this healthy, outdoors, all year round activity to improve mental and physical health, to widen your social circle and be part of a fast growing group of crazy but fun loving people.

To keep everybody safe when in the water, we must ask all new swimmers to complete a health questionnaire and return to us before your first swim.  All details will be kept entirely confidential, will not be shared, and comply with GDRP regulations.  To reassure you, nobody will be refused entry to a swim based on their questionnaire result; we just need to keep you safe!

EVERYONE is welcome, as long as they are kind!

Upcoming Events

Week of Apr 15th

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
15 April 2024(2 events)

10:00 am: Monday Morning Subscriber Swim

15 April 2024

6:15 pm: Monday Evening Subscriber Swim

15 April 2024

The Sundial Cafe / iSurf
16 April 2024
17 April 2024(1 event)

10:00 am: Wednesday Morning Subscriber Swim

17 April 2024

18 April 2024
19 April 2024(1 event)

10:00 am: Friday Morning Subscriber Swim

19 April 2024

Colwell Bay
Colwell chine Road
20 April 2024(1 event)

10:00 am: Saturday Morning Subscriber Swim / Sea Cafe

20 April 2024

21 April 2024

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