Weever Fish

We are lucky in UK waters as far as beasties that bite or sting.

The following are two good websites that describe what they are and what to do if you are unlucky enough to stand on one and be stung.

In brief:

  • They appear from about June to October.
  • They can withstand quite a time out of the water so can be close to the high tide mark.
  • The stings are painful but not considered dangerous
  • Shuffle your feet around as you enter the water to scare them off
  • OR wear beach shoes and either pop them up the back of your swimsuit once in the water or use a tow float and put them in there.
  • If the beach is busy, watch to see if there is anyone hopping around in pain and avoid that area J
  • If stung, use the hottest water you can find and immerse the area. (A swimming hat and a flask of tea will work!)
  • The pain can be intense but shouldn’t last long (15 minutes to a couple of hours – depends on the individual.)

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