Swimming on the IOW – Three of our Favourite Beaches

We are aiming to make our risk assessments available to anyone who would like to view them for these and other locations around the Isle of Wight.

Yaverland / Sandown Bay

A regular and popular beach whether summer or winter. Swimmable at most times of the tide and year but don’t be fooled by a calm sea as there is a strong current at certain times of the tide.

Colwell Bay

It always feels like being on holiday swimming here. The water is often very clear and there is quite a bit to see under the water at times. Hurst Castle in the background looking far closer than it is!

St Helen’s Duver

A lovely place to swim when the tide is fairly high, can be sheltered when the wind is blowing from the west, rather stony and there can be quite a bit of weed but beautiful and you can see St Helen’s Fort sitting obstinately offshore.

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