Session Descriptions

Acclimatisation Session

Swimming in the sea is very different to swimming in a pool, lido, lake or river. This session is designed to take you through the basics to help you understand how your body reacts to immersion in cold water; what to do and what not to do; how to understand the sea environment such as tides, currents, effects of wind direction, obstacles in the water, marine life, beach profiles and some local useful information; advice on kit and what to bring / wear; and how to ensure you have a smile on your face for the rest of the day.
We will answer any questions you may have about sea swimming and set you off on your sea swimming journey be you a dipper, bobber or swimmer. 

Technique Sessions

It is virtually impossible to coach yourself, particularly in the sea! There is so much to consider from head position and breathing to the ‘catch,’ hand position, stroke length, body rotation…but not too much…dragging legs and feet, core stability..the list is seemingly endless!
Luckily Swim The Wight has the experience and training to be able to help you swim to the best of your ability. We can coach you so that you understand the principles of gliding through the water, whether you would like to improve your current stroke, learn a new one or simply feel more confident in the water, we can help.