Sea Cafe

What is a Sea Cafe?

Brief extract from BBC Breakfast Interview

A Sea Cafe is a gathering of people who meet regularly on the beach to swim, paddle or otherwise explore the coast then sit down together to socialise over a cup of tea or other refreshments. This may take place at an established cafe or community space or in the form of a picnic.

Swimming sessions are supervised by qualified open water coaches and participants are encouraged to “buddy up” for safety reasons.

Swimming is optional and support is given when needed.

Facilitators introduce new members to others and may at times encourage new topics of conversation.

The primary aims of a Sea Cafe are to reduce loneliness and encourage people to spend time outdoors with others.

A secondary aim is to increase physical exercise and embed an active lifestyle and share ideas, information and inspiration.

Where are Sea Cafes held?

Yaverland Sea Cafe

Saturdays at 10am

Yaverland Sea Cafe has been going since 2021 hosted at the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary and attracts up to 40 people per week. It has been funded by The National Lottery and Sport England and supported by Energise Me. We are currently seeking funding to continue this long term.

Totland Sea Cafe


Totland Sea Café has run successfully for a several months hosted by The Waterfront. Funded through Energise Me.

We are currently seeking funding to continue this project.

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Ryde & Shanklin Sea Cafes

Days & Times vary – timetable sent out in advance to those registered

Ryde and Shanklin Sea Cafes will run mid week initially and be run on a flexible basis until a core group is established. Key members will help to shape the Sea Cafes to fit the needs of the groups.

There will also be an element of exploration with different venues and locations being used.

These sessions are funded through The People’s Health Trust.

Due to funding restrictions, these Sea Cafes are currently only open to residents of Ryde, Sandown and Shanklin. If you would like to take part complete the form below

Ventnor Sea Cafe

A Ventnor Sea Cafe has been proposed to be hosted by the Ventnor Exchange. This is subject to finding a sponsor/funder.

If you would be interested in a Ventnor Sea Cafe, please contact Sandy and we will let you know if this goes ahead: sandy@sandy

If you would like to make a payment of £5 for registration, see below: