Regular Sessions

Please note that these sessions are subject to change depending on the sea state and time of year. Please check back regularly.

Totland Sea Cafe

Go in the water, walk by the sea or just drink tea!

Totland Sea Cafe is a social swim, run by STA Qualified coaches.

Get moving this winter! Come and join us for a brisk walk along the esplanade, a quick dip and a chat about sea swimming. Meet other locals and find yourself a swimming buddy.

It is free to take part, but we ask that you register in advance (one off cost £5) and complete a Health Questionnaire.

Those new to cold water swimming are advised to book an acclimatisation session and to get in touch prior to registering.

You are welcome to come along and talk to us at the cafe after the swim, if you would like to know more.

Every Saturday from 1pm 29th January 2022 – 5th March 2022

Funded through Energise Me, by the Sport England and The National Lottery.

Subscriber Sessions

The following sessions are available to all Swim The Wight subscribers.

Please note that you need to attend an acclimatisation session (or be able to show sea-swimming familiarity) before you are able to swim with us (please click here) We run these on a regular basis but if the dates are not suitable please email us at For non-subscribers / those who are unable to make a regular commitment, attending an acclimatisation session is still a pre-requisite and the cost per session is £7.

Please note that your contribution / subscription goes towards helping those less fortunate to enjoy the benefits of Vitamin Sea!

Monday – 10am meet opposite Premier Inn, Sandown (for January 2022)

Monday 18:15 Sundial Cafe – currently suspended as it’s too dark to swim safely particularly when it is rough – this will be reinstated from March.

Wednesday 10:00 – meet opposite Premier Inn – Sandown (for January 2022)

Thursday 08:00 ‘Wetsuit Swim’ (longer distance, a chance to understand how buoyancy affects your stroke) – meet opposite Sandringham Hotel – bring a flask as there are no cafes open at this time

Friday 10:00 Colwell Bay – bring a flask! Nowhere open during the winter months here at this time either.

Sandown Saturday Sea Cafe – 10am

Our Social sessions are open to all, including non-swimmers.

We ask that you register by completing a Health Questionnaire before you swim and book an acclimatisation session or show evidence of cold-water swimming.

For the month of January The Sea Cafe is meeting by Sandown Pier, still at 10am, whilst the Wildheart Trust Cafe is being refurbished.