Events & Experiences

Summer 2021

As you can imagine there is a huge amount of organisation that needs to take place for any event to take place and often starts the previous year. Covid-19 has seen a huge number of annual events cancelled and as such it has been decided that other than those experiences offered Swim The Wight will be unable to hold events until 2022. 

Vitamin Sea at The Quay 5th September 2021

Vitamin Sea at The Quay

Talks | Films | Stalls | Gin!

Mini Festival for Outdoor Swimmers
Spend the evening in the company of other swimmers and dippers, exploring the art, science and psychology of safe sea swimming. Visit Quay Arts Website for tickets: Vitamin Sea @ the Quay | Quay Arts

Full Moon Swims – tbc

Get in touch for a list of our accompanied swims and experiences. These can all be tailored to your needs

Summer 2022

Summer 2022 will see the first regular Swim The Wight event where individuals and / or teams of experienced sea swimmers will be given the opportunity to swim around the Isle of Wight over four days. 

The distance is about 65 miles (100km) which, of course, depends very much on the tides, currents and weather conditions.

Planning will begin this year. Individuals will be encouraged to raise money for Swim The Wight, Mountbatten, Isle of Wight Admiral nurses, The Youth Trust and The Way Forward Programme. 
To express your interest, please email: