Beach and Sea access

We have been investigating how people with mobility challenges might be able to actually make it onto the beach and into the sea. It seems that options are currently very limited and we are determined to change this! Having witnessed the power of the sea we acknowledge that it would cost a huge amount to create a permanent structure to enable easy access BUT where there’s a will there’s a way!

In the meantime we would like to purchase the following, base them in Sandown Bay and use them to help anyone who wishes to sea swim to do so.

The cost is somewhere in the region of £3000 for each one. They are made to be used on the beach and to enter the sea. We would like to buy at least two and therefore need to raise £6000. In time we aim to create a disabled friendly base in Sandown Bay where anyone with any form of limited ability will be able to access the sea, play in the water, swim for fitness and enjoy the wonderful embrace of this wonderful environment.

We welcome ideas and donations and if there are any civil engineers out there who would like to contribute their time that would be terrific. We also need a design engineer to create a modern ‘bathing machine’ the can be used to achieve the same aim, a machine that could be used in different locations so anyone can enjoy the wide variety of beaches that the Isle of Wight has to offer.

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